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NewsOctober 2023

Benefits of Geothermal Heat for Residential Apartment Buildings: A Housing Association Perspective

In municipalities where district heating costs have significantly risen in recent years, it is increasingly important for housing associations to consider economically viable heating options. Residential apartment buildings are significant energy consumers, and choosing the right heating system can lead to significant savings for the housing association's finances. Geothermal heating emerges as one of the best options, combining environmental friendliness with economic benefits. In this article, we delve into the advantages that geothermal heating offers from the perspective of a housing association.

1. Energy Efficiency and Financial Savings

One of the most significant benefits of geothermal heating is its high energy efficiency. The geothermal system harnesses the heat energy from the Earth's interior, which is stable and consistent throughout the year. This results in savings on heating costs compared to traditional heating systems. Housing associations can expect financial benefits in the long term as well.

2. Emission-Free and Environmentally Friendly Energy Production

Geothermal heating is almost emission-free as a heating method, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of the residential apartment building. Transitioning from district heating to geothermal heating reduces the use of fossil fuels for heating. This is a crucial step towards a more sustainable future and also helps maintain cleaner air quality.

3. Properly Sized, Long-lasting System

A properly sized geothermal system is long-lasting and operates consistently over the entire lifespan of the building. This, of course, requires following a high-quality maintenance program.

4. Added Value to the Property

Installing a geothermal system can increase the value of the property. An environmentally friendly heating option with lower operating costs can attract new residents and investors. Additionally, when a property has a modern and efficient heating system, it stands out positively from other properties.

5. Efficient Cooling Solution

The geothermal system can also serve cooling needs. During the summer, the geothermal heat pump reverses the process, removing heat from the building and cooling the spaces to a comfortable temperature. This is particularly important in cities where high temperatures occur during the summer. With geothermal heating, residents of the residential apartment building can enjoy comfortable indoor air throughout the year.

Geothermal heat as a service

Geothermal heating is an excellent option for a housing association seeking to transition to a more sustainable heating method. Its numerous benefits encompass energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, longevity, added property value, and an effective cooling solution for the summer months.

However, if housing associations are concerned about high upfront costs and fluctuating electricity prices, and do not wish to invest in geothermal heat themselves, a company offering geothermal heat as a service may be a good alternative. In this case, the company handles the investment in the geothermal system and ensures its operation. The responsibility of the housing association is limited to paying for monthly heating. This enables the utilization of geothermal heating without significant initial investments and concerns about energy price fluctuations. Additionally, the housing association does not need to worry about system maintenance and equipment upgrades.

If your housing association is considering transitioning from district heating to geothermal heating, feel free to contact Voltan without hesitation. We are with you from planning to operating the geothermal system and, of course, take care of the investment in the geothermal system as well.

Let's build a sustainable tomorrow together!