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Sustainable and local energy solutions

Voltan Energy offers sustainable and affordable geothermal heating and cooling as a service for buildings

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Voltan Energy

We are an energy company that focuses on heating and cooling solutions for buildings. We design, construct, finance, and operate geothermal heat pumps for large properties. We offer our services to developers, housing companies, real estate investors, municipalities and corporations.

As end users, the residents of the housing company / property owner only pay the bill for the energy used – without expensive system investments or complex construction projects.

Geothermal heat pumps offer a clean and cost-effective solution for heating buildings and enable cooling for the summer months.

Our management and advisory team have significant experience in construction, energy, and finance. We are backed by well-known Finnish industrial families and industry executives, with a vast experience in the construction industry and construction-related services.

By feeding one unit of energy into the geothermal system, 3–5 units of thermal energy can typically be transferred from the ground to the building. During summertime, the system also works in the other direction, i.e. it enables pleasant indoor cooling.

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Geothermal energy is renewable and efficient.

Benefits of geothermal heating and cooling

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  • Reduce direct heating emissions by up to 100% compared to district heating

  • A cost-effective solution for heating a home

  • A convenient and cost-effective solution for cooling

  • Battle-proven heating technology

Why work with Voltan Energy?

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We are a trusted partner who makes sustainable and cost-effective heating and cooling extremely convenient.

By being an independent player, we can objectively always choose the best partners and solutions for each site.

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The most sustainable and cost-effective solution for heating and cooling

  1. We handle everything from design to maintenance

  2. We are a technology and vendor-neutral company

  3. The developer or real estate investor doesn’t need to invest in the heating solution

  4. Our service model costs less than district heating

  5. Our centralized operating system optimizes heat production based on the needs of the housing association, real-time electricity prices and weather conditions

Apartment buildings

How it works

Geothermal heating is the most sustainable and cost-effective solution for heating and cooling buildings.

Locally generated heating and cooling energy relies on renewable energy sources such as sunlight or geothermal energy.

Geothermal heating facilities are always customized to best fit the needs of the housing company and the environment. The facilities are monitored and controlled remotely, ensuring an overall reliable operation and optimal heat production.

The benefits of geothermal energy come from technology that has been tested over a long time. It is proven to have a long lifespan and be extremely efficient: the input of one unit of energy typically provides 3–5 units of energy from the ground to the building.

The system works both ways: over the summer, the system produces pleasant cooling of the home.

Our service model

ResponsibilityDesignSystem investmentConstruction and installationOperations and maintenance
Voltan Energy
Developer Energy requirementsBuilding technologyDrilling permits and project schedule
Housing companyMonthly energy bill

We're always happy to tell you more about our service model and the division of responsibilities during a project.