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A Finnish energy company making everyday living more sustainable

We design, construct and operate geothermal heating
and cooling solutions for large residential buildings

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Heating real estate is one of the most essential services in our society. Heating accounts for more than 20% of the housing association's operating costs and more than 40% of the carbon dioxide emissions of cities.

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly technologies based on heat pumps have evolved, but their implementation has been slow. Voltan Energy was founded to enable the use of the best heating and cooling technologies for the benefit of residents and society as a whole.

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Expertise and Nordic quality

We are a Finnish energy company that focuses on heating and cooling large properties. We design, implement and finance the systems and are responsible for their operation and maintenance.

We always use technologies that are best suited to the project. As end users, the residents of the housing association / property owner only pay the bill for the energy used – without needing to invest hundreds of thousands of euros or manage complex construction projects.

We focus on long-term operations which also speaks to how we conduct our business. Our management and advisors have extensive experience in the energy and financial sectors. We are owned and backed by well-known Finnish industrial families and business managers who’ve had long careers in construction and related services.

Why work with Voltan Energy?

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We are a trusted partner who makes sustainable and cost-effective heating and cooling extremely convenient.

By being an independent player, we can objectively always choose the best partners and solutions for each site.

Leaves on a gravel road.

The most sustainable and cost-effective solution for heating and cooling

  1. We handle everything from design to maintenance

  2. We are a technology and vendor-neutral company

  3. The developer or real estate investor doesn’t need to invest in the heating solution

  4. Our service model costs less than district heating

  5. Our centralized operating system optimizes heat production based on the needs of the housing association, real-time electricity prices and weather conditions

Leadership team

Miikka Lemmetty

Partner & CEO

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