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Everyone benefits from our energy solutions

We provide geothermal solutions for developers, housing associations, real estate investors,
and government-funded housing developments. We are technology and vendor-neutral,
which allows us to design solutions that are always tailor-made and optimized. This
brings technical and financial benefits to everyone from developers
to residents and aligns with our sustainability goals.

DevelopersResidentsReal estate investorsGovernment-funded housing development
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We handle the planning of the geothermal heating systems for residential buildings and terraced houses, starting from pre-marketing all the way to maintaining the implemented energy system. We also cover all related investments.

Two apartment buildings


  • Heating is available already for the construction phase, which means convenience from the start
  • A centralized provider for all heating-related matters. This frees up the developer’s time for other priorities
  • The housing association has a long-term heating provider once construction is finalized
  • A cost-effective and convenient way to reach sustainability goals
  • The developer doesn’t need to invest in heating systems, resulting in an immediate positive net impact for costs
  • Decreases heat emissions by up to 100% compared to competing heating solutions and generates more interest among buyers and faster sales
  • A cost-effective way to cool apartments which increases the value of the apartments and living standards

Residents and new apartment buyers


  • Costs less than the most common heating solutions
  • Up to 100% fewer emissions than in competing heating solutions
  • Ground-source cooling enables pleasant living conditions without additional air pumps

A low-emission home is the most significant way an individual can decrease their personal greenhouse emissions. Geothermal heating is a sustainable choice that creates value both immediately and in the long term.

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Ground-source heating also meets the growing cooling needs

Thanks to ground-source heating, apartments can be cooled cost-efficiently. This makes for cozier and higher-value apartments.

Balconies of an apartment block

Real estate investors

We enable low-emission and cost controlled real estate investment portfolios. We help investors with leading-edge heating solutions for their new housing developments as well as in the conversion of their existing portfolios.


  • Thanks to our experience with contractors from designing to implementing ground-source heating solutions, investors get the solution they want for new housing developments without hesitation from the construction company
  • Up to 100% fewer emissions than in competing heating solutions, which increases investors' portfolio and brand value
  • Cost-effective and secure pricing – zero risk of uncontrolled price increases
  • Access to centrally managed heating facilities means less production and maintenance costs
  • Thanks to our vast experience with contractors, implementation is smooth

Government-funded housing development


  • Decrease lifetime emissions by up to 40%
  • Decreased heating costs and emissions
  • Get an experienced partner with a solid track record of working with contractors from design to implementation

Government funding sets specific stipulations for energy solutions. We design and finance geothermal heating for government-funded housing to make construction sustainable and cost-effective. This benefits residents, owners, and society as a whole.

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